NGS Library Construction Kit For Ultra Low Input 8 rxns / 48 rxns

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Tn5 based NGS Library preparation is one-step preparation. It eliminates need of multiple manipulations with the scarce DNA samples (comparing to ligationbased library construction methods) as well as need for separate mechanical or enzymatic DNA fragmentation steps, saving time and costs associated with shearing instruments or enzymatic kits. 

Another advantage of this method is uniform and consistent insert sizes (350 – 550 bp) and library yields across a wide DNA input range.

  1. Tn5 based library preparation method
    n Optimized for Ultralow input DNA especially
    from clinical samples
    n Recommend input is 1 – 5 ng, can use as low as
    n Easier and faster workflow, 45 min hands-on
    time and 150 min total processing time